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a. Patricia V. Davis, Author, editor in chief, HS Radio e-magazine

Patricia V. Davis, Author, editor in chief, HS Radio e-magazine Anyone who is looking for a Wordpress genius and a web technician should contact Linda Lee. After two years of suffering through mysterious 'tech problems' she finally go to the bottom of them all for my online magazine. Patient, personable, and persistent, Linda Lee is worth her weight in gold for anyone who want to have the piece of mind of knowing that your online work is in capable hands. Thank you, Linda!


“Linda Lee made it very easy to understand and follow what we learned.
This is great education and it helped me very much!”

Nate Esnbund

“I found this training invaluable. I left with a WordPress website and I understood how to use the basics.
I has tried to learn on my own, but found it too confusing. Linda takes the complicated and makes it very easy to understand.”

Jim Baily

“I finally got to build a website for my business.
You made it so easy to understand and I walked out with a website
and the knowledge I needed to use it.”

Jan Holvey

“I am so glad I took this class. It was exactly what I was looking for. The follow up videos were very helpful to refresh what I had already learned in the class.
I also love my new website and I finally have a Gravatar when I leave comments online”.

Sue Bailer
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