WordPress Bootcamp Description

  • Join me and learn the basics about using WordPress.

    If you have any questions, please contact me. My goal is to make this simple, and easy to understand. I teach in plain language, no geek speak.I have tried to make this as easy as possible by pre-setting up all the training items we need to learn together. 


  • Upcoming WP BootCamp Sessions 2017
  • manzanita-press-angels-camp-wordpress-bootcamp


    Next Date for WordPress Bootcamp is: January 2017, Manzanita Press, Angels Camp. Dates TBA

    San Francisco Writers Conference, Monday January 20, 2017. 



    • Each class attendee will be given a test site, already set up with plugins and ready to use, so the class will be able to learn at the same pace.


    • I will send all attendees their test site login and a zip file with images we will use in our training, and directions for the class ahead of time.


    • You will have access to your  WordPress test site for for 60 days after class to continue to practice or refresh what you will learn.


    • Image folder with re-sized images so we can work efficiently with the image portion of the training.


    • You will be able to download the training folders to your desktop for future use to keep, and to use for more practice on your own. 


  • This class includes an online follow up set of 10 video lessons covering what you learned.


  • You will have access to those for 1 year. 


  • Class starts promptly and we will take one 15 minute break.
    We will have 30 minutes at the end for Q and A.

**You must bring a computer that can connect to the internet.
    Not a tablet. 
*I highly recommend you bring a mouse. Working on a website with a touch pad is slow and    cumbersome.

In our half day bootcamp you will learn the topics below. 

1.  Logging In

Several ways to login, and how to get to the dashboard. 

Video 1

2. The Dashboard Part One

 Media, Links, Pages, Posts, Comments.


3. Themes and Menus 

Custom Themes, Upgrade, Use free themes, search themes by color or layout.

 Video 3

4. Custom Menu Section, Parent and Child Pages Explained

How to set up a custom menu, and what are parent and child pages?

Custom Menu Set up, Parent Child pages WordPress


 5. General Settings Dashboard | User Section

Video 5 WordPress Bootcamp

6. General Settings Dashboard | Writing | Reading | Discussion


7. How to create and publish a Post or a Page

 How to create a post and page in WordPress and set it up

8. Adding tags or keywords and categories

How to work with tags, keywords and catagories wordpress

9. Working with Images Part One

working with images wordpress


10. Working with Images Part Two | Resizing and finding images

Gallery, Images, Slideshows WordPress



 What is the difference between WordPress.com and a self hosted WordPress website?

What is a Pingback?

10 Ways to Make Your Website Sticky- How to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More. Bonus Download Handout, click below for the PDF download. How to make your website sticky- 10 ways to keep your readers coming back  

Free 30 minute consultation with me about your website or online presence.

Please go here and fill out my pre-planning sheet. I will contact you and set up a time to chat.  


Products that I use and recommend.

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I use AWeber for my email program. I find AWeber easy to use, they have templates if you want to use those for your newslettter. They are very helpful and you can call them or use their help section. This is important to me because when I need help I want to be able to call a company and also not be charged extra for help. Here is a free trial sign up, so you can actually try it first before you commit.

Can You Have More Sales, Too? Helping over 102,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.
Take a Free Test Drive today!



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snagit take web video, graphics, screen captures, draw on images and more

Another Product I mentioned is Snagit by Techsmith. They also make Camtasia, which you may of heard of. Snagit is a fast and easy way to work with images, “snag” things off the internet, resize and work with images you already have, and now they have built in a recorder that allows you to use your web cam or record your desktop and upload it to youtube or they will give you a free Screencast account to keep videos on. Here is their website, and a video on the features.

Learn WordPress Website


Web hosting WordPress Professional Top Notch

WebHosting– I run my own web hosting company for clients and it is only 95 a year.  This includes unlimited bandwidth, emails and two stat programs in your hosting control panel, unlimited sub-domains and add on domains and is very easy to use and understand. I manage and oversee all my clients accounts and I am on call 24/7 if any issues come up. Which I can happily say rarely occurs. The reason people choose to go with me is personal service and I am always there to help. If you are interested in using me for hosting, please contact me at 510-582-2837.

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Click here to visit rocketgenius. Gravity Forms is simply the best form program I have ever used. All my clients are using it now. It works with paypal, authorize.net and slide. It is like having on online file system. You can make extensive multiple forms and every submission has a copy of it saved on your site under entries. You can then export whatever fields you want, such as email, names, event special orders, and it will export to an excel file or format and basically you have a lifetime of records always on your site. Also with companies work with, it allows for you have you VA or assistants login and handle thing and see who has paid or signed up. The San Francsico Writers Conference is now using this sytem to register atteendees, Womens National Book Association for membership and  many many organizations I work with. To see how it works, you can watch my youtube video I made for clients already using the system.


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A great FREE and fast tool if you need to check
your html or codes you are bringing over from other places. Ever had html codes that just would not work? Drop them in here and see if they work. If they do , then you know it is something else, not the code. I can’t live without this little tool. Practice Board. Click here. Super easy and so helpful, I use it all the time for over a decade now.

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FREE -Struggling with Colors for your website? This is a fun place to look at color schemes. http://www.colorcombos.com/


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